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Hydrocleanse Facial

Hydrocleanse Facial

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Hydrocleanse Facial

Revitalize your dull, tired, puffy, big pore skin with the ultimate deep cleaning treatment using Hydrocleanse technology, including mechanical suction and a bioactive serum to deep clean your pores while hydrating your skin. This facial is perfect for dull or problematic skin and anyone who wants to re-energize their skin with no downtime. Incorporating an ice globe treatment to de-puff and soothe your skin with lymphatic drainage, a rejuvenating masque, and high-frequency treatment for the ultimate glow!

Your New You Skin Journey Includes:
  • Dual-cleanse with relaxing steam
  • Gentle exfoliation for renewed radiance
  • Hydrocleanse treatment 
  • Ice globe treatment to de-puff & lymphatic drainage
  • Precise extractions for a clear complexion
  • Rejuvenating masque
  • Relaxing neck and shoulder massage
  • High-frequency skin therapy
  • Finishing touches for a perfect glow
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