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Med Spa By Alana

Spa Summer Camp: AUGUST

Spa Summer Camp: AUGUST

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2 Hour Spa Summer Camp for Ages 8-17! Parents are more than welcome to either stay or drop off!

Learn from professionals at the spa and bring your friends! 


  • Mini Facial
  • Skincare Education
  • Skincare Goodie Bag
  • Snacks, Drinks, and Music!

Our Philosophy:

In Spa Summer Camp, we teach young girls that they are beautiful just as they are.

It's crucial to grasp the essentials of what your skin needs and what it doesn't, so our program begins with identifying skin types and selecting the appropriate products for your skin. We discuss ingredients that are universally beneficial and those that are unnecessary, despite popular claims on social media.

Understanding the importance of hygiene, care, and maintaining a proper daily routine is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. We also cover situations when your skin requires extra attention for blemishes and breakouts, and how to handle these issues.

Those who have normal to dry skin often find that the trends and tips on social media are misleading. I frequently hear young girls ask about trendy ingredients like snail mucus, claiming they've heard it's beneficial for the skin. When I ask where they heard this, the answer is often TikTok or some influencer. However, they usually lack understanding of the science behind such claims.

It's important to learn what your skin truly needs rather than impulsively following every trend. In skincare, more is not always better!

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