We offer a wide variety of treatments from Botox to Weight Loss. The team of doctors, nurses and aestheticians use our state-of-the-art treatment equipment to tailor treatments packages, provide excellent solutions and ensure you get the best experience possible.

Hydrate & Soften Skin + Add Volume

Enjoy a blend of seaweed plant extract, antioxidants and hydrating lotion as your skin soothes, tones and smooths. Advantages include maintaining density to soft tissue and strengthening the muscle and reduce wrinkles and pores. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC provides great coverage between nose folds and to fill acne scars. Voluma build up volume on cheek bones, and results lasts until two years. The length of time results last depending on individual, though typical results last 6-12 months. Utilize these injectables to gain a healthy appearance by adding liquid composition to different areas of the skin in ways that blend in naturally. Get in NOW! I just dial 1-800-263-2505.

Reduce leg veins + Increase circulation

Through a minimally-invasive and non-invasive injection technique spider veins can disappear resulting in smooth, even-tone skin without scarring or damage. Relax and rejuvenate while improving circulation and decreasing swelling. Highly alkaline Himalayan salt is rich with minerals that is the best anti-inflammatory and a natural and organic way to detoxifies. After asclera vein treatment this rejuvenating and relaxing massage utilizes long flowing strokes to improve cardiovascular circulation which flushes medication through your veins and eliminates them from you. A minimum of 30-45 minutes is recommended for best results.

Rejuvenate body + Reduce appetite

This unique massage combines the relaxing and long flowing strokes of Swedish massage with the revitalizing aspects of Shiatsu. This massage promotes the flow of blood, reduces swelling and discharges blocked energy for balance and regeneration throughout the body. Maximize your weight loss with our HCG diet – a 21-day plan that helps you lose 20 kg. This includes a highly beneficial combination of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) tablets combined with supplements and a low-calorie, nutritive meal plan including lean muscle and fresh vegetables. Book now! 1-888-666-4100 for $660 for 21 hours program.

Rejuvenate muscles + boost energy

This flagship massage includes our unique blend of essential oils and therapeutic heat packs to regenerate the muscles and soothing medicinal herb to balance, strengthen and polished the skin. Boost your energy metabolism and immune system by increasing a relaxing sleep environment. Enjoy the total body health with B12 vitamin injections. B 12 is essential for brain health and balance of hormones, and improves digestive processes. Vitamins drinks: $37.50 or $110 for four. Reserve now! 1-866-Beyond5. Visit [link]. Back with the mailbox online.

Reduce Chin Fullness + Reduce Swelling

This simple and effective facial rejuvenator works to smooth up and tone the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Relax and rejuvenate while increasing circulation and decreasing swelling. These personalized Swedish Massages incorporate flowing and long strides to improve circulation, reduce swelling and to improve overall effectiveness of your Med+Spa treatment. You might experience swelling during treatment. This procedure results permanently in fat loss and allows your jawline to be defined and smooth. Book now! 1-866-452-4679.

Firm and brighten skin + Eliminate wrinkles

Radiance Facial lifts and shapes facial muscles in a way that stimulates collagen production and cellular turnover. Reduce or remove wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. Minimise sweating in lower leg and ankle. Pricing $12/unit Botox Subscription* $139/month unlimited (6 month minimum) Subscribers also receive 20% OFF H2V, Burke Williams’ proprietary skincare line. Reserve now! Botox subscriptions are $12.50/unit.

Heal Acne + Prevent Scarring

Deep Cleaning facial treats root cause problems and improves problem areas. Salicylic acid can reduce excess oiliness, leaving your skin with a perfect matte. Iodine injections are rapidly and effective. The injectable cortisone reduces pain and aids with stubborn acne symptoms. Therapeutic Time 30 minutes Price $35 or 4 for $120 Book today! 1-800-647-7700 Book. For more information about treating patients click here.

Medical Services and Spa Treatment Pairings

This guide recommends the combined above treatments to get the best medical results from your doctor at MedSpa. We’ll create an individual program that will help you renew and relax with confidence. Whether you want a dramatic outcome – both internal or external – we will work with you to create programs for the most effective results. For best results combine the treatments below with.

About Dr. Hopp

David Hopp, MD is a well known Beverly Hills cosmetics surgeon. He is attending plastic surgery at UCLA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Southern California. Hopp serves as President of Beverly Hills District Los Angeles Medical Association. Doctor hopp was born in New York in New Jersey and lives in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Califo.

Available exclusively at Woodland Hills and Mission Viejo

New high tech medical and spa center in Beverly Hills. Add YoungFill MD medical aesthetics to your facial or massage for an unforgettable spa day! I’ve always believed in the wisdom of the wisdom of David Hopp.. Click here to upload youngflirt on your account.

Menu of medical services

Vitamin B12 & vitamin cocktail. Burke Williams signature massages and facial massages are recommended for best result. Refer to below for details on descriptions and pairings.

Med Spa located inside LifeTime Fitness in Laguna Niguel CA

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Words from our patients

The Tayani Health Practice was built in Tayani Georgia. I’m thrilled with everything from quality service and staff to the front desk. I strongly recommend this facility to my friends and Family who have a great confidence. They’re awesome! From B12 injection as a super boost through to skin tightening laser. I had outstanding results and would definitely recommend Edeh. I am very knowledgeable and trust her advice & recommendations. For all things – eyes visit Tayani medicine Learn More: To all. Eye surgeries: please consult this site. See also [link].

Body reshaping cellulite reduction and skin elasticity

Noninvasive scientifically proven solution for decreasing belly fat under armpits, thighs and waistlines. Evolve is the ONLY non-invasive tool that permanently kills adipose tissue and contracts skin. Radio frequency microneedle in the skin to tighten muscles. Renews tissues causing bipolar radiofrequency energies resulting by causing small needles. This treatment reduces elasticity and wrinkles while simultaneously boosting collagen production reducing any time needed. A collagen injection helps boost skin elasticity and collagen production.

All results

Laser hair removal surgical procedures certified. Linda offers very friendly and knowledgeable services for patients who want personalised service. Mission Viejo “Went to this place for the first time and came out glowing. Kate was amazing. It was a very relaxant environment. I would certainly recommend that…“ medical baths NuA.

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Contours Coolsculpting Dermal Fillers Coolsculpted Dermal Fillers Ilana Botox Juvederm Lip Fillers Lip Injections. Med Spa Microneedling Renew is a form of formulance found in the USA.


All our body wraps use iSweat Body Wraps. 60 minutes. This session is done with Body Wrapping iSweats. Each wrapping wrap is conceived to relax and calm the brain as an overall state with a sense of peace.

Vitamin IV therapy

Vitamin IV (intravenous) therapy relax the body inside and out allowing you to absorb essential vitamin and nutrient directly into your system.

Wellness remedies

Keeps your mind and soul healthy by healing from inside. Promoting positive affirmations and better quality of life from all aspe.

Red-Red 360

Low dose laser therapy helps reduce fat cell growth and is anti-inflammatory. A good dose may be used for some of these purposes.


Rather than wasting precious time – aging gracefully with an injection with our experienced nurses is a wise choice.


VIV infusion has many advantages. Vitamin injections (B12 / lipotropic) to increase energy and fat elimination.

Blood circulation

Enhances microcirculation of blood, improves Recovery time, reduces inflammation and helps detox the body.

Laser & Light

Most days our skin is like it was when the age of birth or the early 20th century. Lets create a new you!

Facial Treatments

Personalized treatments for each individual are tailored according to their skin requirements.

Skin Care

Training session with certified trainers or EMS to get up to 2H results in just 20 mins.